Stitches GameMaker File

May 26, 2008 by

That is the download link for the Stitches file # 4.  It comes complete with:

  • Death Animations (for some creatures.  Others are still buggy, so I took them out)
  • Enemy pathing setup ability for Rabbits and now Bats too!
  • No attack Animations!
  • Over 7 levels (though they aren’t complete.  I have to add some things in, but haven’t had time.)

ok, all joking aside, I think we can pull this off, maybe, if everyone can bring in the finished assets for me today.  This is the last chance.  If it’s not there today, it won’t be in the final game.


Animations Needed

May 25, 2008 by

Ok, here is the list of what I need:

  • Bear Climbing
  • web deploying
  • bear with rabbit legs
  • bear with rabbit legs running
  • bear with spider arms
  • bear with spider arms running
  • bear with rabbit legs and spider arms
  • bear with rabbit legs and spider arms running
  • bear attack animation (the old one is too long, and won’t work.  Sorry)
  • bear attack animation with spider legs.
  • bear climb animation with all the different leg and arm combinations.
  • spider walk animation

That should be enough to prevent us from failing.  Hopefully.

Collision report

May 25, 2008 by

I have put in the collision blocks for the areas we have.   The black are walkable, but we thom said he has a way to make it not so buggy when walking up an incline. the red are wher the bear will die. the orange are the walls, and the yellow are the ceilings, but the programming for these have not been put in yet so they will not work.  I have not put in any ropes yet, but that will be done tomarrow. also, area 3-1 and 3-8 are not done yet, i have put in collision on room but i have not put in the platforms.  i need to go to bed and i will finish tomorrow.  I have my phone near me so if anyone needs the gamemaker file, just call me and i will send it over.



The End

May 25, 2008 by

Okay, so I don’t remember if we need to have our presentations ready Monday or Wednesday. Either way, we need to have one group presentation. I don’t know if any of you particularly wants to do it or how much input everyone wants. I’m willing to do it, but I can’t until tomorrow night. If someone else is doing it, I don’t really care about my level of input. Personally, I find the entire thing to be a waste of time, but whatever. It has to be done. The final version of the design document is done and in the dropbox, so we don’t have to worry about that.

Dan, I apologize for not getting back to you about the level issue. There’s no real excuse other than I prioritized my art history paper over this project this afternoon. I think your solution will be fine and I appreciate you coming up with one on the fly. Now that the paper is done, I have this and another major project to focus on, so my attention to this will be somewhat divided. Finals are fun that way.

As soon as Whitmore sends me the collision-filled areas, I’ll be doing my part and placing enemies in them.
I will either e-mail them to Tom or put them in the Class Shares folder when I’m done with them. I can’t make the meeting tomorrow as I have a prior commitment to my other project that will likely last all day.

Finally, I want to be frank and say that I am going to have to call it quits on this project once Studio I is over. I’ll be giving 110% to the project until the quarter is over, but after that, I’m going to have to resign from it. This comes largely from my decision to pursue a career in non-digital gaming and my subsequent desire to work on a non-digital project in Studio II. I’m willing to do design consulting and such for any future pursuits associated with this project, but I’m not willing to focus on it for another 10 weeks.

Thanks for all your hard work, guys. I really enjoyed working with you and I’d be happy to work with any of you again.

New End

May 25, 2008 by

Alright, since the lack of a helpful response with the e-mail, we never got around to figuring out how to end this demo of the game.  So, I’m making a room that the player arrives in with the golden needle hovering there.  They make contact with it, win, whatever.

The areas that were sent out will be the areas that are in the game.  Area 3-3 will connect to the upper path, and Area 3-8 will connect to the lower path.  Between those two areas, they connect to the end of the game zone.  We’ll just place a lot of bunnies or something in there and make the player fight for it.

Unfortunately, since I’ve basically been in charge of the level design after the art started, this is going to have to be how it is so we can put out some polish at the end instead of forcing mechanics that won’t work.


May 24, 2008 by

Dan– please email the levels as they are completed to me, Susanna, and Whitmore so we can get them into gamemaker.

Tom– don’t we need the actual file to add to with the programming on it? or does it not matter.

Susanna and Whitmore– we can divide up who does which levels when we get them, we can just do that on AIM.

Death does not stop true love…

May 23, 2008 by





Enemy Parts

May 21, 2008 by

Rabbit Leg:

Spider Arms:

Bat Wings:

Bear with enemy parts:

—Rabbit Bear— (move, attack)

—Spider Bear— (move, attack)

—Bat Bear— (move, attack, fly)

—Rabbit Spider Bear— (move, attack)

—Rabbit Bat Bear— (move, attack, fly)

A Little Upset

May 21, 2008 by

Ok, so Dan got me the art for the environment, although it is not formatted quite right and the files are so large that GM can’t actually use them.  At least I have them though.

However, as far as the character animations go, I am a little upset.  There are, what, 4 animations up on the blog right now, while I was supposed to have ALL of them by yesterday morning.

I’m doing my best to keep my cool here, but seriously, do you really expect me to be able to throw all of this together in a weekend?  By myself?  Because that is what this is shaping up to be, since none of you seem interested in learning GM enough to actually do any work in it, save for whitmore, and you keep telling the prof. that implementation won’t take that long.  Who ever said that implementation won’t take that long?  I certainly never told you that.  I said I needed a full week, at least, to do this.  And I said I needed more than that to do it to my own satisfaction.  Now I have a weekend, and guess what?  It’s finals weekend, when I have other things I have to be doing as well.

I don’t know what you expect from me.  What you will be getting is as much as I can get done in the time you have left me.  Sorry if that turns out to be less than you would have liked.

Extra Animation Frames

May 18, 2008 by

Hey girls, if you need additional frames for any of the animations, please construct a list and get it back to me asap so I can make sure they are mostly done for tomorrow.

Also, update on my rocks… the one 2500×950 “modular” piece i’m working on is at 6 hours. of Linework.  Intense piece is intense.  But it’ll be worth it.